Sierra issue with keyboard remapping?

Not sure if I am diagnosing this correctly, but my impression is that KM may be having difficulty re-mapping simple keystrokes (other than function keys and combinations including ⌘⌥^ etc) under 10.12 Beta (16A304a)

There may be another explanation which I haven't spotted, but things like this are now passing the hot key straight through, rather than remapping it:

I notice that Karabiner is not yet able to work with Sierra betas, and I wondered if they were causing KM similar difficulty ?

It seems that there may have been an issue with a particular build of Sierra.

With a new build 10.12 Beta (16A313a) the problem is fixed.

I tried it on Beta whatever I had and Beta 8, and it seems to be working.

Apparently there is a signing issue on Sierra which I have just resolved I believe. Man I hate code signing!

So just to make it clear, does Karabiner work again now with the newest Sierra build!?

I haven’t checked Karabiner - only KM

Some changes were made to the HID drivers in OS X/macOS with Sierra… It broke the access to HID for Karabiner, not sure about the latest beta though…

Karabiner does not work with Sierra. The developer of Karabiner is working on a stripped-down version of Karabiner called “Karabiner Elements” which does work with Sierra. I’m using the beta version right now, which fixes some, but not all of my Sierra pains. When work on Karabiner Elements is finished, the developer wants to update the “proper” Karabiner to provide Sierra support.