Signals that can come from programmable Mice - USB Receiver Button X

Have any of you had experience with different programmable keyboards and mice?
What signals come from extra buttons?

On KM I see USB Receiver Button 1 - 5 with 5 being the back button and 1 being a simple left-click on my mouse.
On Karabiner EventViewer (which comes with Karabiner Elements, a fantastic software to change the signals your keyboard sends out per default) the signals are these objects:


Does this even go beyond 5?

I have a Logitech G502 Mouse.
Its extra buttons don't give any signals.

And from its own GHub software (which is an absolute menace!) I'm not able to trigger something, that can be picked up by KM or Better Touch Tool.

So I'm finally about to replace it with ... some other mouse, compromising on looks and the assortment and arrangement of extra buttons.
I also love the ability to hold down the G button with my thumb, which gives the other buttons (incl 1+2) other functions on hold. I hope I'm able to replicate that with modifier keys, but first I need a mouse with signals, that can be read universally.

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Try steermouse app too

Hey, sorry for the late response.

SteerMouse is the way to go.

I'm only bummed out, that it's option to trigger something else when modifier keys are pressed won't work when those modifier keys have been triggered via the mouse instead of the keyboard.

I essentially want primary and secondary mouse clicks to do different things, when I press one of my mouse buttons with my thumb.

Perhaps these things deserve separate posts, but

a) Would it be possible(using KM) to toggle scrolling speed with a modifier key? I'm used to a G502, having a dedicated mechanical switch to let the wheel fly. If I wanna use a different mouse, I could potentially switch between scrolling speeds.( Assuming the system preference setting dedicated to it is editable via a script, without needing to ask for confirmation)

b) Can you tell a USB device to shut down, when the MacBook is on standby?
I always have to unplug the mouse, when I go to sleep, otherwise it's glowing all night and even waking up the computer from time to time.

As for b) maybe Jettison can eject the mouse:


or Buskill:

a) You can create a macro in KM using a gesture to scroll a lot.
ie hold down Ctrl and move the mouse down = scroll down, or press the Space key to move a page down.

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