Simple Complex Password Generator

Simple Complex Password Generator

Execute a Shell Script.kmactions (1.1 KB)

I've written a very simple macro to generate complex passwords of varying lengths and styles, from 9-character memorable passwords to 33-character randoms, and a few different lengths in-between. It's simple but I use it 10x per week and sometimes multiple times per day.

It's based on the utility sf-pwgen which can be installed via the brew package manager by pasting brew install sf-pwgen in your terminal. sf-pwgen has some very basic options to tailor the length and type of password.

Once installed, simply assign a trigger and you're good to go. (Or customize my code for more or different variety.)

The nifty part is that the Display System Clipboard action produces a window with which you can interact. So I hit my keystroke, select the password I want, copy/escape and the window disappears. Then paste your PW where you will.

An example output…

Hope you find it useful.