Simple Editing of Clipboard From Clipboard Switcher?

I realize I'm often pasting in an app and recopying to make simple edits to clipboard entries.

Recently reminded that Copied (on iOS) lets me just straight up edit the clipboard before pasting, without all those extra steps. This is just great!

It would make sense for KM to have this option some day :slight_smile:

Loving KM 10 – thank you!

Glad you love KM, so do I.

I had to search the web for what you were referring to. The video below is a summary of the product you are talking about. This may help anyone else reading this post.

Some of the features of "Copied" are already available in KM. And I would say that the specific feature you are asking for sounds like a very simple thing to implement in a short KM macro. In fact, it has probably already been done and so you can probably find it in another part of this forum website.

Hey Aaron,

I expect that feature is somewhere on Peter's to-do list but is very low on his priority list – since hundreds of apps can do the job already.

I have TextEdit on standby with a macro for just this sort of thing.

F9 brings up a saved scratch-pad document in a blink, and I have another macro set up to quit it without saving the document

@peternlewis – any comment?


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The idea of using the past, say, 3 clipboard entries to fill in a template occurred to me the other day.

It can be done with %PastClipboard% tokens.

The simplest example would be composing a Markdown link from the past 2 clipboard entries - my original inspiration.

Indeed I think recent clipboard items can be processed as part of the macro to insert them into a template.


I also have 10 named global clipboards for less ephemeral storage.

1-0 for Copy.

1-0 for Paste.

They too are available for processing.


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Maybe another option:
look at How to Edit Clipboard Content on iPhone - MashTips
It also works on my Mac (under Ventura)