Simple FTP use when Transmit not required

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Another epic macOS install, this time in Big Sur, again taking two weeks and I'm desperate to claw back some time. Towards the end of the setup routine, inevitably an FTP solution is needed.

I'll interject the deep and abiding love I have for Panic and Transmit. Fantastically-recommended swiss army knife file solution.I have zero interest in pulling traffic away from Transmit, and highly recommend it.

Issues: a) it's one more thing to install, b) i use so little of it that it really is a waste, c) it's an additional environment and takes me out of Path Finder when focus is vital, d) booting an app to do an FTP transfer feels so 1999.

  1. Finder seems to continue to be read-only access.

  2. Path Finder offers to 'handle' ftp:// but I'd rather not risk PF-mangle on the FTP side.

  3. web-based solutions exist, but I'd prefer to use a web browser less and not more.

  4. And then I wondered if KM might have an inbuilt FTP solution, or enough tricks to get me there. I'm anticipating some SSH/command line solutions; I'd like to stay more GUI than this (though PF does have good cmd line integration), and I don't want to rebuild Transmit in code. I'd like to stay entirely in KM if possible and I believe my ideal is:

  • within either Finder/Path Finder: hit a Connect button on a palette, opens a window with the local server-mirror directory, open another window with the remote-server directory via cmd-k style connection, auto fill credentials. (perhaps query for upload-ready file location)

  • a second button, less crucial, would be Put This File Where It Goes (upload-sync; what's my parent folder, scan for same)

Is there a server-write solution like this that I haven't learned about? What are the simplest-server login hooks of the myriad options?

Kind thanks in advance.

Take a look at using curl in an Execute Shell Script. I use it extensively rather than the no-longer-compatible Interarchy or the nagging Cyberduck.

Thanks Mike. I'll check it out. Seems Big Sur compatibility is possible.

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sha256 cellar: :any, mojave: "cc4c94713a8b34de386285a1579238f983c59e02a9ae109a54b919435fb72728"