Simple (I assume) timeout exceeded question for “Login nvALT” Macro

Though the macro works, it seems to get stuck in a loop whenever I’m away from my computer. I come back to find a many notifications reading:

“Action timeout exceeded. Macro “Login nvALT” cancelled (while executing Activate nvALT).”

Why would this be? Should add a pause before the activate action?

Thanks for any help, this forum is great.

When you are away from your Mac, it presumably sleeps to some degree (sleeps, screen sleeps, screen locks, etc).

When it is asleep, Keyboard Maestro will not run, however Macs these days often wake up periodically while asleep, and thus Keyboard Maestro can still periodically run).

When the display is asleep, or screen saving or screen locked, UI actions typically can’t happen - the system blocks them. This is probably what is happening, and then the action in question is timing out and canceling the macro. Probably the best thing to do is simply turn off the notification of the timeout (in the gear menu of the action).

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