Simple loop

I apologize for the basic question. I've struggled in the documentation. I have not found an answer.

I'm trying to create a simple loop where I can loop through X number of times and I can change the X as I become comfortable with the loop. Here is what I've designed and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. It executes once and then fails. I was looking for a log, or some hint everywhere and how it is failing (Voice recognition typed; "underwear, and how it is feeling," Thought it would be a good laugh for a Sunday morning!) but I cannot find it.

Thanks in advance


Select Help > Open Logs Folder, then open the Engine.log file to see any messages that your macro generated.

Just looking at what you have there, it looks like it should run through the loop three times—at least I don't see any obvious reason why it wouldn't. Hopefully the log file has some helpful messages.