Simple macro to delete a message

The solution to this should be very straightforward, but it's eluding me.

I have set up a very simple macro to delete a message in the Messages app.

In macOS Monterey you seem to have to control-click on the message and select Delete. I've got this working fine; the problem is a confirmation dialog pops up to confirm the deletion, and I cannot get the macro to select the Delete button.

The obvious solutions like Click on Button simply to do not work at all. This should be easy, but it's not.

Any suggestions?

This is how I work around that issue on Big Sur and Ventura. You can disregard the last two actions if you don't want KM/Messages to select the message above after it deletes the selected message. Of course use your own trigger.


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Sorry for the delay. I'm on Monterey and this doesn't work. I don't understand the Tab - Space keystroke, which does nothing on this OS. Probably something different in Big Sur and Ventura.
I get the confirmation dialog where I can Delete or Cancel, and I cannot get the macro to select Delete.

You probably need to enable keyboard access in System Preferences.

Geez, I thought I did that a long time ago, but it wasn't set. Hmm. Must have been on another Mac.
Anyway, I got it working with a couple of small tweaks. Thanks for the directive.

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Apologies - it's "Keyboard Navigation" that needs to be on, not "Full Keyboard Access" - I'm on Ventura now and the whole System Settings thing is laid out differently. "Keyboard Navigation" is what allows the tab and shift keys to be used.

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