Simple Search with RegEx Question

Apparel & Fashion · United States · 10001+ employees · $6.20 billion revenue

This is the text I'm working with. It's the same format every time ( ex. Industry · Country · Company Size · Revenue ). The exception is sometimes revenue is not included.

I just want to capture the "10001+" in "10001+ employees". How would I do this?

It's actually never a solid number, it's only ranges ( ex. 50-200, 200-500 etc. ) so i could do a if variable contains function for all of them but that's probably not the best way to do it.

How would I capture this with RegEx?

Easy enough:


Thanks, this works, still trying to understand what does what but I'm getting there.

May I ask a follow up question? somewhat related, think it involves regEx, do you know how I would set up a variable condition based on whether or not there are 2 periods "." in a variable?

Please post your question as a new Topic, since it is a much different subject, and provide more details.

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Open up, and enter the RegEx and the source data to see exactly what it does.

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Wow, that link is super helpful, thankyou, was able to solve a couple more things using that