SIMPLE use of F keys Function Keys to trigger Insert Text by Typing macro

I'm sure this question has been asked many times, but I have spent over an hour searching the forums and documentation, and I haven't found the answer. How can we get a new Mac user to be able to trigger a simple Insert Text by Typing macro using an F key? If you can point me to the answer in the documentation or a forum post, I will be grateful.

My wife and I each use Keyboard Maestro in very simple ways. She has been praising the program for other doctors in her program. One of these doctors just bought KM, and then asked us how to get her macros working with F Keys, which is what my wife uses. We tried to make everything the same between my wife's computer and that of the new doctor. We were unsuccessful in making KM work with F Keys for the new doctor, which was frustrating to all of us.

The new doctor and my wife each have iMacs running Big Sur (11.5.2 and 11.6.2), with Apple Bluetooth keyboards. We have compared all the settings that we can think of between the two computers. On my wife's computer, she has assigned 12 different macros to the F keys F1 - F12. Each macro uses Insert Text by Typing to type different text strings into various programs and webpage fields. These macros are dead simple, with no automation beyond typing the text string at the location of the cursor, when the macro is triggered.

The new doctor can trigger similar macros with various hotkeys, but not with the F Keys. We have looked in System Preferences at Keyboard, Accessibility, Security and Privacy, and several other places. So far as we can tell, every relevant setting is the same between my wife's computer and that of the new doctor. But my wife's F Keys work with Keyboard Maestro, while they don't for the new doctor. Something on that doctor's Mac is controlling the F Keys and not letting KM use them. Is there something in the basic KM install that might be using the F Keys for other purposes?

We have tried both checking and unchecking the box in System Preference > Keyboard > Keyboard that says 'Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys'. The box is checked on my wife's computer, and her F Key macro triggers work fine. For the new doctor, the F Keys don't work, whether that checkbox is checked or unchecked.

If anyone can tell me what else we should check or change for the new doctor to get her F Key macros to work, I would be very grateful.

The only relevant setting is the one you’ve already checked: using the F keys as standard function keys. Which would certainly have to be enabled, as it is on your wife’s Mac.

I suspect user error played a roll here. Have the new guy try that setting again and confirm it stuck.

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You might ensure that the macros in question are in a macro group that is enabled and activated. Try moving one or more to the Global Macro Group and triggering it to see if it works.

Also, I know you mentioned you checked Security & Privacy, but is Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine listed in there in all the relevant panes? The Engine not having access has tripped up many a user, especially new users and especially on Big Sur.

Thank you for your responses. I appreciate your taking the time to try and give me guidance. I, too, begin to suspect user error. I may have to visit the doctor in question, to see all aspects of the setup in person.

If thing still not working, you might want to read this

Peter mentions this:
"Generally, the Fn key is not a real key, not a modifier like Option or Shift, but instead is a hardware toggle, that toggles the meaning of the function keys between their function key behaviour and their hardware key behaviour.

The Fn key is not supported by the system Hot Key API."