Simplest Way to Pause a Macro Until an AppleScript Action Successfully Completes?


What's the simplest way to pause a macro until an applescript action successfully completes?

There isn't anything in the wiki that describes how to use the pause action for a script conditions. It just lists the possible categories:

What, exactly, should go into all of the fields for the Pause Until Script Condition Action?:

I tried the default "true", I tried "return", "results", return status "1", "2"....

I also tried passing a variable:

If I set the applescript action to "display results" to display, it displays OK without quotes. If I look at the applescript in Script Editor the results tab displays OK. So OK is the result. Why isn't OK saved to the variable Local__editmarkercomp, or if it is, why isn't it the variable then being used to pause the macro?

Pause until last action completes never works for anything. So far, I've only got the pause until action to work for a keystroke or application front status.


Sorry, looks like the problem is once again, DaVinci Resolve and their opaque coding.

This works just fine.

So it's something to do with the dialog box.


First, if you just use the normal Execute an AppleScript action, you do NOT need to follow it with a Pause Until. KM will NOT move to the next Action until the AppleScript completes.

Having said that, if you really do need to use the Pause Until action with a Script condition, then use the comparison of "is", like this:


this works for me.
I have set the Action Timeout to 5 seconds.
If I change the AppleScript to use the return "[ERROR]", then the Pause Until action will timeout.

Make sense?