Simplistic Countdown Timer

Simplistic Countdown Timer (8.1 KB)

I pained over whether to post this because it's probably very basic to most folks.

I took the timer that Peter had posted and trimmed it down smaller, no scroll bars, soft color, off to the upper left of screen and had it call a large display text window when done (so that I have to address it!).
It also captures the current system volume setting, turns it up to xx, then restores the volume when done.

I've been getting a lot of use out of it, thought maybe someone else could use it.


Hey Troy,

Not bad at’all!

I do recommend you include an attribution comment in macros you upload though.


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Hi Chris, sorry, of course you are correct.
I may not post this correctly even now, but
peternlewis posted the following "Mac Menu countdown timer":

and I made 1 small change.

Thank you Peter and Chris.

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That's just what I needed. Just a couple tweaks for my use and it's doing the trick. Thank you for sharing!

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