Simulate "PrtScn" keystroke

Working with a virtualized Windows 10 machine through the Citrix Viewer app, I would like to be able to simulate the "PrtScn" key which is not present on my MacBook's keyboard.

Quite a few of such keys can be selected from the drop down menu, but "PrtScn" is not among them. Is there still a way?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-01 um 17.28.34

(I do have some Citrix Viewer specific KM macros already such as mapping ⌘↓ to ⌃End — so glad I got KM in my toolbox to help ease the Windows pain!)

I found the solution myself when I connected an old PC keyboard which I had still lying around: Keyboard Maestro recognizes its "PrtScn" key as F13. :blush:

And F13 is present in the dropdown menu sure enough.

That’s a great piece of information :+1: