Simulate scroll wheel with rate?

Currently the simulate scroll wheel macro doesn’t have the option to limit the rate at which the wheel is scrolling. It would be great to have this option included as some apps are sensitive to this input.

This will do what you want. Call it by a hotkey combination so that one of the modifiers is down/pressed. Release modifiers to stop. Use Hotkey combo again to continue. You could create a custom version of speed and pause macro for each application you use. Hotkey combo eg CTL+CMD+4. (Shift lock key can be on or off)

That’s similar to what I’m doing now. In order to get to the location I need to inside the app I have 6 entries of “Scroll right 600, pause 0.7”

If "Scroll right 600, pause 0.7" x 6 works, then run with it.
These threads and links may be of interest. I have not tried usboverdrive nor controllermate.