Simulating dead keys to insert letters with accents (diacritics)

Inspired by this brilliant macro, I created a macro that simulates the dead keys in the ABC extended keyboard layout that I've been using for the last decades. (The reason for this is that in the future I need to be able to insert the straight double quotes directly without hitting the space bar after pressing the " key - which is a dead key in the ABC layout.)

I wanted the macro to work as close to the dead keys mechanism as possible:


Accented letters (diacritics:dead keys) Macros.kmmacros (30.0 KB)

Since these macros use a backspace, you have to allow for that: you cannot type at full speed. For Dutch this isn’t a problem, since the number of diacritics is rather limited.

For occasional typing in German or French the ABC keyboard is a better choice.

EDIT: I've added six keyboard shortcut for the frequently used German Umlauts. As it turned out, the compose key is suboptimal for these Umlauts.
Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 21.29.59