Siri Example - Bookmarks index and Links on iOS for Apple and KM

An Apple employee shared this iOS "Shortcuts" shortcut that nicely pulls together various Apple related resources from a menu displayed when the shortcut is run. If I'm sharing this correctly you should be able to get that shortcut here:

Inspired by the "Wow, that's cool!" factor, I messed around until I got it to display KM links I wanted to have. Here's my version:

  1. Hope ya'll like it, find it useful, and have it inspire you.
  2. Please don't ask me how to modify it or fix it as it was a pure brute force, hit and miss till I got there effort. It was fun and educational, and I'm clueless regarding any explanation of how I did it and would have to start from scratch to do it again. Still, that's my idea of learning and fun! :nerd_face:

Thanks to @appleianer for showing me how to share an iOS shortcut.

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Very nice share @BernSh! Thank you.

Thank you so much for sharing. The link works and I have installed the shortcut.
I only had one shortcut to access my subscriptions so far, but with it as much more is possible :+1:

That's what you did with it in any case :wink: