Sizing and positioning on Dual Monitors

I've set up a number of macros to size and position windows across two monitors. The macros mirror each other with SCREENVISIBLE specifying either Main or Second. They work perfectly when positioning and resizing on the same monitor but it all comes rather unstuck when moving between screens. Triggering the macro again and again will eventually get it on the right monitor and positioned and sized correctly - but ideally it should work with just the one trigger.

I assume the problem is because the two monitors are not the same size. I'd appreciate any help in factoring that into the macros.

Here are a couple of examples of the macros.

I have replicated the actions in your screenshots, and they're both working perfectly across monitors of different sizes.

Can you upload the entirety of the macros you're working with, so we can dig deeper?

Also, it may be worth checking Engine.log to see if multiples macros are being triggered and interfering with one another:

Thanks for the reply - much appreciated.

I've been triggering the macros via Metagrid and it looks as if that's where the problem lies. If I run them through KM they appear to be working perfectly. I'm not quite sure why Metagrid would pose a problem - everything else I've put together works as it should - but obviously there is an issue.

I'll get back on it tomorrow and see what the Engine.log says.