Slow loading of pages

I wonder if I am alone in finding that pages in the forum can be, on average, increasingly slow to load. For example, after logging in, there is quite a wait these days before the interstitial row of coloured dots appears, and then another wait before the first page loads.

Changing browser does not make any difference.

I've noticed this too. I'm using Safari 16.6.

I don't see that issue. (KM 11, Safari 17.1, Sonoma 14.1.1, M3 iMac)

I’m seeing my loading times getting worse and worse. It’s particularly bad when posts contain images. I’m talking here about 10 to 15 seconds to load a thread!

I’ve checked with my internet provider and there isn’t any detectable fault there - my 380Mbps pipe seems OK.

traceroute to the forum also seems fine, so I’m still unsure what’s going on.

BTW I’m getting this behaviour on my Mac, iPad and iPhone!

I just rebooted my router (just in case) and the problem persists whether it’s the main forum page or any discussion thread.

Very frustrating.

It's gradually been getting faster for me overall, and for me here in the UK, the page loading is fast today!

There can be many variables of course. It is interesting that few of us seem to have experienced slow responses from the site. I'll need to wait for things to slow down again, if they do, before testing further. :wink:

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