Slow performance for %SafariTitle% and %SafariURL% normal?

How can I make this macro faster? You can see how slow it is when using Safari tokens compared to how much faster it is with one that inserts a literal string. I don't expect the two to be exactly the same but the performance of the tokens is horrendous.

(This is using Safari 14, to which I just upgraded this morning. I only just wrote the macro, though, so I can't compare performance to the previous Safari version.)

Grab Link for BBCode.kmmacros (1.5 KB)

I just tried your macro on Safari 13.0.1 and as soon as I type $url in Sublime Text I get the result instantaneously. No delay whatsoever. Maybe something to do with v14 of Safari?

Thought I'd try it with BBEdit so I downloaded the trial and ran your macro by typing $url as before and I noticed a bit of a delay before the result appeared. Nothing like as long as your example but just a tiny bit slower than Sublime Text.

This is all very subjective and not scientific - but I still think it's probably down to the version of Safari.