Small enhancement request to Display Clipboard action

Some of my enhancement requests are quite big (e.g., an OCR action, which we now have!) This enhancement request is relatively small.

I sometimes display clipboards containing images using this KM action:


The problem is that the top of each image displayed always says "Clipboard Entry". This isn't very helpful when I'm displaying multiple clipboards at one time. I want to be able to know which one is which. It would be very helpful if I could create a name of my own choosing instead of always seeing the standard words "Clipboard Entry". Perhaps there should be a text field for this action which lets me pick what words should be in the title of the image. I definitely don't need the name of the clipboard in the title because that won't help distinguish between multiple different images that were generated from the same named clipboard.

This would be very helpful. It would also be very helpful if the macro could delete the image when it was finished displaying it. One possible implementation is that it could have an (optional) "display for X seconds" feature on it like the KM "Highlight Location" action has. That would be better than nothing.

I realize that 80% of my ideas don't get approved. That's fine. Maybe nobody needs to display multiple clipboard images besides me.

Stepping away from this tree and going outside the forest for a minute, I think KM could use a major enhancement for the displaying of data visually. For example, perhaps Apple Numbers has an API that lets applications display data in a chart in a window whose values are populated by KM macros. Or perhaps macOS has some API for graphics that KM could use. I'm not enough of a programmer to know what those APIs would be called. From a quick web search, I see "Metal" and "Core Graphics".

Can you just add the text that you want to the actual clipboard before the image? Or can clipboards only store 1 of text or images at a time?

Yes indeed that works. Thanks. But I consider it undesirable as it caused me to either cover up over data or manually reduce the amount of data space. Since there's already a title bar, don't you think we should use it? And have you tried that action? The action doesn't provide for a programmable way to delete the window after it's displayed. I was hoping two birds could be killed with one stone here.

KM already offers this. It is called Custom HTML Prompt action.

True. Good point. Now I need to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and obtain or purchase a product that can edit HTML pages.