Small question about PowerPoint

Hello, I have a question about KM and PowerPoint:
I have created a simple copy and paste script. Something is copied from a website and pasted into PowerPoint as simple text (e.g. without links).
PPP consists of three parts: on the left the list with the slides, on top the current slide and below the place for the notes.
Which command is necessary so that the text is always inserted at the location of the notes? If the area is activated, the script works. If I am on the slide, it inserts the text there.
How do I activate the notes area before inserting the text?
Thanks Frank

Hi. Your best bet would probably be a Click at Found Image action. You can see the basics here in the wiki, and find numerous examples to help (if needed) by searching the forum for "found image".

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MS PowerPoint has comprehensive support for AppleScript so you can use that, in conjunction with KM, to enter content into the notes section of slides.

BTW, I have changed the category of your post to Questions & Suggestions as that is more appropriate.

Thank you very much for your answers. I will have a look at it. Have a nice weekend Frank.

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