Smart group to show only macros with a USB Device Key trigger

Howdy folks, I'm rather stumped on something I thought would be fairly simple. I want to create a smart group that shows me all the macros that have a USB Device Key trigger assigned to them.

I have created a smart group using the following search parameter:
t: USB Device Key
but it's pulling in additional macros that have those words somewhere in the actions, and not just the ones that have that trigger. What am I doing wrong?

Attached are two screenshots. The first one showing the search parameter itself, the second showing an example of a macro that is being included even though it does not have the correct trigger (it does have that string of words from when it USED to have a USB Device Key trigger assigned to it). The second screenshot just shows the portion of the macro that has those words in it. But to me that shouldn’t make it be included in the search parameter I used above since t: is supposed to show triggers only right?

Hi @cdthomer, my input looks like this:

In your second screenshot, are you querying the battery level of which Bluetooth devices?

I myself use this macro for macOS Catalina:


09)Battery <4546 210724T000824>.kmmacros (22,6 KB)

09)Battery <4546 210724T000824>

However, for me, the notification is done through the Pushover app on all  devices.

That worked for me! Probably the only combination I didn’t try haha.

I have it queue battery levels for my keyboard, trackpad and mouse. I actually don't really need that macro anymore since I use iStats to monitor things like that. Before iStats and before my current setup I had the original magic keyboard and trackpad, so I had to keep an eye on battery levels so they wouldn't run out in the middle of work and god forbid I wouldn't have any replacements. But these days I have the newer models that also plug in with a lightning cable so it's not that important any more. But I put it together years ago and have just left it running ever since.

Your macro looks awesome though! I've never gotten into Pushover but this has me wanting to look into it comes the rabbit hole :laughing:

Hi @appleianer,

I did ioreg -c AppleBluetoothHIDKeyboard and the only lines containing "battery" are

| | +-o AppleSmartBatteryManager <class AppleSmartBatteryManager, id 0x100000203, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (0 ms), retain 7>
| | +-o AppleSmartBattery <class AppleSmartBattery, id 0x100000204, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (0 ms), retain 6>

I have a Logitech keyboard and a trackpad connected via bluetooth. Can you help me figure out why?

@cdthomer the pushover notification is really worth its weight in gold as it is not limited to macOS.
There is a very good KM plugin:


(1) When you touch the notification, you can execute a Siri shortcut.
(2) Here you can integrate individual icons/images. This way, even a cursory glance at the  device is enough to recognize the purpose of the notification.
(3) Create your own voice prompts like "Trackpad has only 30% battery left".

For the keyboard, mouse and trackpad (2 generation) I also set up macros that warn me when the battery level is low.


@martin I found the script in the macro itself on the internet. unfortunately my script knowledge is not enough there.
The battery macro refers to the  Bluetooth input devices of the 2nd generation.

After but please times in this (complete contribution):

Maybe this will help you.


Thanks. I tried some commands and are still not able to find the strings that contain battery level...That's fine. I can live without it~

Unfortunately I can't help you there @martin.
Open a new topic. Maybe someone in the forum can help you.

That looks awesome! I'll have to bookmark this and put it on the back burner though because I just ordered a Stream Deck that's arriving Monday so I'm gonna be busy integrating that with my nearly 1,400 macros :scream:

Thanks for the info!


Then have fun with it :rofl:
If you still need something (macros) then please contact me.

@cdthomer here's another goodie about what's possible with the Pushover app :wink:


I have my 1Password autofill macros all with a pushover notification.
When the macro is run, I can take an iSight snapshot using the Siri shortcut built into the message (via iCloud Drive).
If it is an unauthorized access, I can use "Alarm & Keyboard" to lock the keyboard and play a loud shrill alarm sound.

When leaving the office, I created a macro for myself that sends this pushover notification when the iMac/MBP wakes up from sleep mode. I've given a colleague or two a scare that way. :rofl:

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Hey so I ended up setting up pushover a couple of weeks ago and set up some simple workflows. When any of my computer Bluetooth peripherals battery drops below 10% I get a notification on my phone. And when my phone or iPad drop below 25% or reach 100% I get a notification on my other device. This lets me know if my phone is done charging in the other room.

Nothing nearly as elaborate as what you have set up but it really is a great service. Thanks for filling me in on it!

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@cdthomer welcome to the club :wink:
There are so many ways to use pushover.... have fun discovering them.