Smart Groups crashing my KM, can't touch or erase them, or use KM

I have a lot of macros. Maybe 600 groups. The Smart Groups at the beginning aren't touchable. I can't delete them, without the spinning ball.

I have so many hundreds of saved macros in a folder from exporting, at one point it said it transferred 22,100 of them.

When I tried to import into a new install of KM, it seems to only want one element at a time. which could be 1000s of individual installs.

Am I doing something wrong? I'd love to install them back in program by program but not by individual item. I'd be doing that for weeks.

I tried to see if I could get the kmsync file to not contain the smart groups, but it looks very uneditable at 330MB.

Boy do I feel lost without KM! I've basically made 100s of pallets for a "keyboard-less" goal, I don't know how to get anything done without KM :slight_smile:

Is there a fast way to import hundreds of macro sets without kmsync?

Also, as this started yesterday, KM is leaving "window shadows" on my mac that I can move around. Its just the shadow and no content. I went from Catalina to Monterey thinking that would help, but all behavior is the same before and after.

What ver of KM are you using?