Smooth and Accurate Mouse Action Recording?

Is there a way to create KM actions for smooth mouse motions?

For example:

Click at x,y
Move mouse linearly to a,b over the course of 2 seconds
Click at c,d

(For my needs, I actually literally need to see the mouse moving smoothly from location to location with specific timing.)

Here is an example for drawing a circle with the mouse.


Wow. Thanks a lot for the comprehensive answer. That’s quite a bit of programming (considering the number of mouse moves I want to automate) but good to know it’s possible.

Write a macro that takes three variables containing the start and end position and the number of steps, and then have it do the sequence and then your macro is just a bunch of Set Variable Execute Macros. Or even have the sub-macro take a parameter (using the new facility of Execute Macro to send a parameter. The parameter could just be all the five numbers (x1,y1,x2,y2,steps), then split them up into the variables inside the macro.

Hi Peter. Is there a way using the "Move or Click Mouse" action to move the mouse pointer over a period of time (like 1 second for example)? The use case would be for when I'm recording a screencast and want the mouse to move perfectly linearly (as opposed to it moving immediately as it is right now).

The demonstration you gave of drawing a circle is cool and all, but that's a really advanced use case and would be overwhelming for just moving the mouse. Is this a feature that could be considered?