Snagit Causing KM Engine Hang

Taking a screen cap with Snagit causes KM engine to hang. Problem is definitely associated with screen captures. Clipboard appears to be corrupted, because attempting to paste into another application either has no result or causes the app (Affinity Photo) to also hang.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)
MacOS 11.0.1
Keyboard Maestro Version 9.2
Snagit Version 2021.1.1 (98033

Hi @DocSavage441, for me the transfer (clipboard) from Snagit works without problems.

05)Affinity <1887 210120T171331>.kmmacros (22,3 KB)

I use the current macOS Catalina and Big Sur, as well as the current version of Keyboard Maestro.
Have you ever quit and restarted Keyboard Maestro, or the Mac?