Snap Palette to Front Window Plugin Action


No I haven't, but I haven't really tried. In general, when you don't want it to snap to a specific window, you do something like this:

So perhaps you can find something in the QuickLook window to look for.

Good luck. If you figure out an answer, post it here so all of us can benefit. Thanks!


After more time than I should care to spend on the issue I have finally resolved the case.

the application is located here:
/System/Library/Frameworks/Quartz.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/QuickLookUI.f ramework/Versions/A/Resources/

This was a good day! :slight_smile:


One more tweak:
When QuickLook starts I conceal the palette, and when it quits, I reveal it again. It has couple of seconds latency on quit, though


Installed this today, mucho thanko! It works great — with

Unfortunately, not so great with OmniFocus. As far as I can tell, the palette is snapping to a position relative to the center of the window, not the edge/corner. Any suggestions for troubleshooting?


Hey @DanThomas - Been playing and enjoying this! Very nice step forward with making palettes more useable! It's a bit crack like for UI tweekers like me who all but can't stop working on getting the UI to work as I'd like to.

Been playing with creating "Toolbars" both text and icon based for app windows replacing whatever existing ones there may be.

Below is the current ever evolving set. It's allow me to integrate several other favorite apps.

Can't get it to snap any sub-palettes evoked from the already snapped main palette. Is that currently possible?


Honestly, I don’t know. But if you’re on UI crack, you’ll probably figure it out eventually! :slight_smile: However, it may take some creative thinking. You could also ask @peternlewis if there’s any events you can hook into, but I kind of doubt it.


My Finder single horizontal row of icons palette that’s pinned to the top left corner got so long it covered the Finder window search bar. I added a macro that clicked and dragged the palette down to reveal the search field. Strangely, it would only work if I added option and shift to the click. Any idea what’s up with that?


New error:

"/Users/BernsHome/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/Keyboard Maestro Actions/Snap Palette to Front Window/Action.scpt:0:13: script error: A real number can’t go after this identifier. (-2740)"



Not a clue.

  1. Is this for a palette you've been using before, without problems?
  2. Did you change anything?
  3. How about the palette name - any special characters in it?



New palette for new app.

Haven't been using Snaps for long while and have since gone to Mojave. This is first use of Snaps since OS update.

Here's the Macro setup:

Snagit is a screen capture/annotating app that's always running in the background and is optionally set to open any screenshots either from it's menubar trigger or the default system capture.

Thanks Dan!


I love SnagIt! I've used it for a decade, at least. First on Windows, then on the Mac. I couldn't live without it.

I suspect this isn't going to work with SnagIt. I just tried it a little, and although I didn't get your error message, it didn't work as expected. I think SnagIt does some strange things with its window.


Thanks Dan. I suspected as much. Always a pleasure!

Just got SnagIt AND Camtasia. Don’t know if it’s still happening and Camtasia was going for $99. Going to start with some basic screencasts on how to use Apple devices for newbies and seniors. From the little work I’ve done with SnagIt I’m jazzed as well!


I don't use Camtasia - I use ScreenFlow. But I have a buddy who uses Camtasia on Windows, and loves it.

Awesome idea about the screencasts. I've had my woodworking YouTube channel up and running for a year or so, and I just passed 1,000,000 views last month. That's total views for all my videos. I still can't believe it!

I don't know your experience level with this kind of stuff - perhaps you know more about YouTube tutorials than I do, but if not, I'd be happy to be a sounding board for you. (I've done software tutorials too.)

Hit me up with a PM if you're interested, and we can trade email address. And if you're not interested, you won't hurt my feelings at all. Seriously, I'm easy. :slight_smile:


Hi @BernSh,
Snagit is also the best software for screenshots for me. However, I use a KM palette and other sub palettes directly at the cursor. So I have my tools etc. exactly where I need them.
To call up the palette I use a gesture control in BetterTouch Tool.


Well done to the point of elegance!

Here's a SnagIt produced doc (got to practice) that illustrates where I'm headed. THANKS for sharing!!!


I experience the same error message with all of my windows that I try to snap. This happened after upgrading to KM8x
I am not yet on Mojave.


Have you tried the steps shown in this thread?


Of which steps are you talking about? I tried to find them before posting, and now, couple of times — but I must have missed them.
I used this macro for a long time without problems, there is no special characters and I did not change anything.

PS. It is mostly annoying on Finder windows, because they change shape and place so much.
PS2 I mean this error: Action.scpt:0:13: script error: A real number can’t go after this identifier. (-2740)"