[SOLVED] Can KM Display a Menu Bar Icon Showing the State of a Macro?

I don't know if this is possible at all, but I would like to add an icon to the Menu Bar (where the clock is, etc) and when a certain macro is disabled, I get red circle :red_circle: and when it's enabled it shows the green circle :green_circle:.

Is this possible?

Something similar to this, but with the red circle:


Hey there, yes, this is possible.

First, you would need to setup a macro group with “Display in menu bar settings” configured as seen in the screenshot (you can use any named clipboard, “temporary” is just for demo purposes).

Macro Group Settings Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Then, you would to set that clipboard according to the macro’s status, as shown in the screenshot below.

Macro Settings Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

How you trigger that group of actions if of course up to you. But this should at least get you going. But you can see the effect in the screen recording below. When the clipboard is changed, the menu bar icon changes.

Menu Bar Icon Change Screen Recording (click to expand/collapse)

Screen Recording 2023-01-10 at 9.39.53 AM



Awesome, Chris!! Like a charm! :slight_smile:

The more I work with KM, the more I love it. It's such a powerful tool!

I noticed that I was able to make it work like this. I guess I didn't need some of the options selected like on your screenshot. Any issues here?


I noticed that I can click the icon and it shows me the list of macros inside the group so I decided to take this a step further so I can enable/disable the main macro that changes the icons


Can I remove the "Menu Bar Icons" option completely from that menu?

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None that I can see. The additional settings in my screenshot were because that’s my Test macro group and I didn’t want to remove those just for the screenshot. :sweat_smile:

You can remove it if you select the highlighted option from the dropdown menu in the macro group settings...:

Macro Group Settings Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

...and then configure the macros you do want to appear with this trigger:

Macro Trigger Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 11.21.11 AM

This is how it looks on mine since that is the only macro in that group with that trigger.

Menu Bar Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)


Ok, great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah I saw that option too, but I wasn't able to understand how that worked. When I read "trigger" I thought it was some action I needed to add to some of the macros. Now when I see it with your screenshots, I understand how that works. Thanks again!

I can see how this option to add menu items can bring so much flexibility to apps, instead of always relying on keyboard shortcuts, for example.

Really appreciate your help, Chris! :slight_smile:


Always happy to help, and glad you got things up and running!

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Seconded! Cracking explanations/examples, @cdthomer -- definitely a thread to come back to.