[SOLVED] Can't replace %26 no matter what

I'm trying to use Search and Replace to replace %26 in a path, but it isn't working. It removes the % and keeps the 26

I tried using the String option:

Regex like this

And like this:

Try doubling the percent sign, I suspect it looks like the start of a token to KM.

Didn't work either.
I have another action like this to replace %20 and it works:

Same for %2F

End result

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Works here:

It seems like you're trying to percent decode. Have you tried using the “percent decode URL” Filter action?

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My issue is with %26 only.
The %2F and %20 work as expected

This helps with having 1 action to replace both %20 and %2F, but for some odd reason, I still get the number 26 on my path...
Can you please check if you get the same result using my macro?

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Ok I found the issue, with the help of what @RogerB said.

When you look at the preview, it's assuming that %20% is a global variable, so it removes it completely. That makes the % from %26 to be gone. When I try to replace %26, it's not there, only 26. The second %20 is kept, because there's no % after it.

By doubling the % before the first %20 and then before %26, the preview shows everything.

In this case I can even skip the doubling of %26, because when it's single, it actually shows me the original & that's on the original path:

Actually, I can't skip the double % before 26, because then it removes the % before the next 20, so when I replace all %20 with a space, it keeps the 20 after the %26.

Final macro:
Keyboard Maestro Export


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I believe you have to double all the percent symbols, otherwise they get interpreted as tokens. As a test, I did this to your macro:

You'd think the output would be the same as the input, but it's not:

Original Path:
obsidian://open?vault=Tiago&file=Apps 26%20Plugins%2FKeyboard%20Maestro%2FSubroutine

You can see the first %20 is gone, and the % before 26 is missing—and that's why your search fails. If you double all the percentage signs in the Set Variable, then it works:

Original Path:

Fixed Path:
~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/Tiago/Apps & Plugins/Keyboard Maestro/Subroutine

I'm guessing this is due to text tokens, but can't fully explain it beyond saying that :).


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I think you were writing while I was adding my previous reply.

Basically, the way I interpret it is that it sees %20% as a global variable. Since that variable is not set, it replaces it with an empty space. So %20%26 becomes just space26.

I would expect the "global variable" 20 to be replaced with "nothing" instead of an empty space so I would expect it to be 26 and instead of space26.
I don't know if that's normal or not, but it seems to be how it is.
Once I doubled the first % and the one before %26, it worked.

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Sorry. Same answer, though.

But my question here is:
Are you just trying to replace %26 with a macro that only has that?
In this case, the context of my macro (as explained above) is very important.

The issue is not just the replacement of %26.
Check the replies and you will understand what I mean.
It seems that KM is interpreting certain things as variables such as %20%
So when I have %20%26, it sees %20% as a variable and that leaves me with just 26, not %26. That's why replacing %26 doesn't work, because it's not there.

Again, the context of the macro is relevant in this case.