[SOLVED] Can't run Automator workflow

The workflow works as a Quick Action, but when I try to run it via KM, nothing happens.

The macro is just this:

The workflow is just this:

I tried with the Quick Action version, but also not working. Here's the workflow for that version:

I tried your workflow and it did nothing whether I ran it in Automator or from a Keyboard Maestro macro.

So I added a Display Notification to the end:

And it complained that the Duplicate Finder Items and Change Type of Images did not receive the requisite input.

So I added a Get Selected Finder Items action to the front:

And after that it worked fine from the macro and duplicated the selected items and then changed them to jpgs.

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Thank you. That worked for KM. If I run the same QuickAction via Finder's contextual menu, it duplicates the png and then creates the jpg, so I end up with 2 png and 1 jpg, instead of 1 png and 1 jpg, which is weird.
So there's something conflicting in the way Finder is running it and how KM is running it, because the original version I had without the Get Selected Finder Items works via Finder's contextual menu, but not via KM.

You can see it here. Version 1 is the original version, version 2 is your version
Kapture 2023-09-14 at 07.50.28

When you tested my original version, did you save it as a QuickAction as well and used Finder's menu?

If so, it's weird that it works for me, but not for you...
So in this case if I want to be able to use both KM and Finder's menu, I will have to have 2 versions inside the Services folder, otherwise the one that works for KM will always create an extra, useless copy.

Sure, because a Finder Quick Action Workflow is passed the files as input.

As is a Keyboard Maestro Finder Quick Action, though the input files are in the TriggerValue token and would not automatically be passed to the Workflow.