[Solved] Color label in macro name

like in Finder:

Why: Helps organize them visually, see which ones are working, which ones need tweaking, etc.
Another use is to visually find a macro quickly, ie Favorites, or pending ones to delete (ie Red).

My Tag Team Wrestling Partner! You can use the built in Emoji to do that (control-cmd-space). I use them sometimes in my macro titles. I put many in there for you. Just an idea.

I hope this helps.



Here a very bare-bones macro to quickly append stuff to macro names:

Append suffix to names of selected macros <B09B 200316T225756>-pty-fs8

Append suffix to names of selected macros <B09B 200316T225756>.kmmacros (27.7 KB)

  1. Select macro(s) in KM editor
  2. Run macro
  3. Select icon from list
  4. Press Return

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 22.57.22-pty-fs8

If you don’t want the list to remember the last selection, remove the variable from the Default field in the List action.


wish I could select both as solutions, both are great! gratzie!

It was @kcwhat’s idea. I just automized it :slight_smile:

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I only posted it for a few reasons:

  1. My tag team partner, @hello, needed assistance before tapping out. His energy was nearing depletion.

  2. @Tom thought about the idea, years ago, and used his subliminal powers to hypnotize me into presenting it before he had time to address the issue.

  3. I knew @Tom would jump in and professionally automate it.



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I saw the symptoms as well (He has been issuing a worryingly increased number of bug reports and feature requests lately). And I realized that in this state he will never be able to manually copy an emoji from the Characters palette to a macro name :wink:


worst of all, I use the Characters palette at work :man_facepalming:

gotta catch some z's :wave: