[SOLVED] Copy file error in version 11

This has been working in previous versions of KM, but now with version 11 it's showing me this error:
Action 13787497 failed: File action failed because destination is not a full path (null)

I have other macros that are similar and all of them stopped working with version 11.
The macro is just that action, nothing else.

Keyboard Maestro Export

EDIT: Here's what I noticed: if I just have a Finder window without anything selected, I get the error. If I select a folder in that same window, the .rtf file is copied as expected, but to the main window, not to the folder I selected, which is weird. If I select another type of file, I get the error as well.

So for example let's say my front window is ~/Documents
If nothing is selected: error
If I select a folder, for example ~/Documents/New Folder, the .rtf file is copied to ~/Documents, not ~/Documents/New Folder
If I select any other file inside ~/Documents (such as an image, text, audio, etc, that's NOT a folder): error

I figured it out. I am using Raycast to trigger the macro and when it runs, KM sees Raycast as the front window. I added an action to Activate Finder before copying the file and it's working now. It's weird that this is happening now with version 11, but with version 10 it was never an issue.

What version of macOS are you on?

Catalina 10.15.7
But with version 10 of KM this was not an issue. Only now that I updated to version 11.
But I figured it out. Check my previous "reply".
I just needed an action to activate Finder before copying the file

In that case you're possibly experiencing an already-known issue with Pre-Ventura and KM 11.

One user has described it here:

When I discovered the issue in my previously-OK macros (I'm on Catalina too) one workaround was to perform an activate similar to what you've done.

Peter (@peternlewis) has indicated this issue is fixed for the next version. In the meantime, you can reinstall KM 10.2 until the fix has been made available.

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The trouble is if you have a lot a macros that now need this "workaround"!

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Thanks for sharing that link and confirming this is indeed a "bug".

For now I'm only experiencing this with these macros (or at least that's the first time I'm noticing it with my most common macros), so I will use the workaround and keep version 11 installed until Peter releases the fixed version.

Thanks again!

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