[Solved] Give Keyboard Maestro Access to Camera

I am trying to use the commandline tool imagesnap to take a picture with my webcam.
It works in my terminal app because it prompted my for access to the camera.
But when running it from the shell script action in KM it does not prompt me to give the KM Engine access.

Does anybody know how to add the KM Engine to the camera access in System Preferences?

Hey Jimmy,

See this:


Moderator's Note – This is a work-around solution, but it's a good, workable one.
2021/06/01 04:57 CDT.

Thanks Chris.

I tried to search the forum, but did not find anything. Need to practice my search routines.

I ended up making a AppleScript application, which then asks for camera permissions.

KM then activates this app.


@JimmyHartington thanks for sharing the script.

Where do you save the ImageSnap screenshot? For me it is always saved in the user folder.
Since I am not that familiar with writing scripts, could you give me a tip on how to put this in a specific folder.

The last part of the script defines the location of the saved image.
In this case it is send to the Desktop of my user.

do shell script "/usr/local/bin/imagesnap -w 5 /Users/jh/Desktop/login.jpg"
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@JimmyHartington thank you very much. You have helped me a lot with this :+1:

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