[SOLVED] Hide Macros From "Trigger Macro by Name" List

Let's say I have a Group Folder with 10 macros. 2 of those are just triggered by shortcuts.

Then I have a macro to show me all macros in that group by using the Trigger Macro by Name action, but I only want to see the 8 macros not triggered by shortcuts.

Can I hide those 2 from the list?

Here are two ideas:

1: Set up a Smart Group set like this

CleanShot 2022-11-05 at 11.48.10@2x

To select the Smart Group, first select any normal group in the Trigger Macro by Name action, then go back and select the Smart Group. Smart Groups not immediately being available in the list is a minor bug that Peter says he's fixed for the next release.

2: Set the action's initial search string to -hotkey:.

...gives you:

For more info on search strings, see this wiki post:



Awesome! Worked like a charm.

Thanks for the tip and for the wiki link. Some interesting info there.

And the second option is good if I just want to do it on the fly without committing to an action that does that all the time.

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