[SOLVED] Hot Keys stopped working

I've looked at all the other similar topics but none seemed to help me find a solution.

I recently noticed that triggering a hotkey action does not work in any app. (no matter which app or which trigger).

I started troubleshooting to try and figure out where's the problem, and I came up with this action:

Basically if I trigger this macro, display one message, then perform a hot key action, then display the second action.
It always displays the first message, but as long as I have any hot key between the two messages it will not show the second message.
As soon as I remove the hot key, it displays the second message.

Needless to say, the hotkeys are not firing at all. (with the messages or not).

Any ideas?
Will gladly provide any information that could help.

Thank you!

I've just tried this, setting up a macro as you have and it's working for me. I used a hotkey trigger for a macro which I normally trigger by hot key, and the macro ran and the second message was displayed.

If I change the hot key in the "Trigger Macros by hot key" action to one which I don't use (that is, there is no KM macro bound to that hot key on my system), then I see what you see, the second message does not display.

As there is no macro bound to the key, the action is aborting on failure. That can be prevented by going to the gear menu on the action and unchecking "Failure Aborts Macro", and then both messages are displayed, but of course there is no macro to run on my system.

Do you have a macro bound to the Command-N keystroke which you are using in your example? Assuming you do, something seems to be causing the Trigger action to fail. You could try looking in engine.log to see what failure message is reported. The message I see when the action aborts is "Action 15630597 failed: Trigger Macros by Hot Key failed to find any active macros".

The most likely cause is that the macros that aren't firing are disabled -- either the macros' hotkey triggers are unchecked or they are a group that is disabled (explicitly by check-box or because of your current context). In the Editor, select a macro that isn't triggering then select "Interactive Help" from the "Help" menu. Click the "Something expected isn't happening" option, click through the next couple of screens, and you'll likely see something like:

It could be that the target macros are running but aborting -- in your demo macro above you should get a notification the macro aborted because the "Trigger Macros" action failed. If you aren't seeing notifications then you can check the KM Engine log (KM Editor's "Help" menu -> "Open Logs Folder", double-click the "Engine.log" file) to see what the problem is.

There's also a chance that something else is "blocking" the hotkey -- remapping the ⌘ key with Karabiner could do that, and I'm not sure what would take precedence if you had the same hotkey set in something like Better Touch Tool.

Thanks @Nige_S!
This was super helpful in finding what's wrong and I feel super embarrassed I didn't catch this sooner.
I was getting "failed to find any active macros" error in the engine.log. So I searched for this in the KM forum and found someone who was using the "Hot Key" action instead of "Type a Keystroke" (which is exactly what I did).

That's why it wasn't working.

Thank you so much for your help!

Don't worry -- I'm sure that everyone here has been caught out by this at least once (and, in my case, many times...).