[SOLVED] How to Raise New Safari Window Over All Other App Windows?

How raise new Safari window over all other app windows?

The goal is to bring a new Safari window to the top = above other app windows, (like z=999)

The problem
So KM is opening a new Safari window and also moving it to display 2, but there are other app windows partly overlapping it.

How can this be set aright?

Open new Safari window D2 Macro (v10.2)

Open new Safari window D2.kmmacros (5.5 KB)

with best regards,
Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

New Safari Window should activate Safari and bring the window to the front.

If the Move Window is then moving the window to a different desktop and that is resulting in the window being under other windows, that is weird. The Bring Application Windows to Front action might resolve it (assuming they are not Safari windows that are in front of it).

Something odd is happening on your system...

  • Try rebooting.
  • Try moving the activate Safari action to the top of the macro.

Why did I not think of rebooting?

(TextEdit did ok, and so did G Chrome, only Safari hid away.)


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