[SOLVED] KM10 - Where Did My Favorites Go?

I upgraded to KM10 without incident on MacOS 10.14.6.

Now, all my favorites have disappeared. Have they been moved? Do I need to using a different interface besides the Favorites folder in the Editor?

Your guidance is appreciated.

Hi @anamorph,

The Favorites is added in v10. I assume you can't be talking about that.


Do you mean Dan's KMFAM?

Nope. I mean the Favorites folder in the Editor (note that mine is now empty):


Ah. I see. These are smart macro groups. They basically contain search/match strings. Favorites is just a name. What you put in the box matters. I don't know what you put there bofore the upgrade. Try putting the search/match strings.


Actually, this is an action category, hard-coded into KM. To the best of my knowledge, I can't change the folder itself, just the contents. It's a category, and you drag actions into it for easy retrieval later. Here is a description from the User manual:

To select just your favorite actions, select the Favorites category. You can drag actions from your macro into your Favorites category, or control or right click on an action to add it to your favorites. Favorite actions will retain all the settings of the actions. You can delete favorite action in the action selector, or from the Add Action by Name window.

The day I was using KM 9, I had more than two dozen actions in the Favorite category. I upgraded to KM10 and now the Favorite category is empty. I'd like to get it back, if possible.

Ah. Pardon me. I thought it was the Macro groups.

Mine is empty too. I believe I had a few actions there too. (I opted for the hotkey ⌃⌘A and stopped using the action button to add new actions.)


The Favorite Actions seem to have been replaced by configurable favorites. It looks like we have to recreate our favorites. I've found that you can use Time Machine to get your previous settings. The file is in your user Preferences folder, com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.editor.plist. I restored the file from before installing v10, selecting "Keep Both". It's not the best but at least you can get a list of your favorites and recreate them manually.


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Thanks very much for this.

@peternlewis is there a way to restore the favorite actions category from the KM9 plist, or do we need to reconstruct it by hand?

The Favorites as used before version 10 were just a set of the default actions. As you can see from @eidco’s post, all the favorites are are names of the existing default actions.

In Keyboard Maestro 10, you now have completely configurable favorite actions, so you can configure the Move a Window action with your preferred settings, and then save that as a Favorites. So they completely supersede the old Favorites - but it did not really make sense to just clone the existing default actions and stick them in the Favorites folder, so yes, your old list of Favorite actions are removed in Keyboard Maestro 10, and when you replace them you can configure the actions as you like before adding them back.


Thanks for explaining.

Apologies for being dim, but how do I delete or rename a Favorite Action in KM10? I can't seem to find any documentation on this.


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Hi @anamorph a renaming of the Favorite Actions is not possible. You can only update the actions under the same name or save them with changes:


To delete a favorite action, you must go to the Favorites folder and select the action and delete it with the Delete (⌫):




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Hi @appleianer - where is that Favorites Folder? I don't have a folder called Favorites. It seems to be a smart folder in your video but I am not sure how to create it. :grinning:

It will show up when you click the button at the bottom of a macro.


Brilliant. Thanks @Martin . Also, I had thought that they didn't sync across Macs but these new Favorite Actions do sync. So, this makes this very powerful and useful feature.

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@Zabobon please excuse the wrong expression. Correct is "Smart Folder".
Thank you @martin for your explanation :+1:


Favorite actions are fantastic, but I think it would be immensely useful to make it more discoverable how to delete them (and ideally also have a way to rename them without having to delete and re-add them), @peternlewis.

What really threw me off was that Delete (and Backspace and any of their combinations with ) don't work when you are trying to delete a favorite action after searching for it in the "All Actions" category. It didn't occur to me that those shortcuts would only work when the "Favorites" category is selected, so I concluded there must be a menu-based way to delete them, which I, of course, wasn't able to find either.

This is actually the second time I wasn't able to figure it out on my own and had to look it up on the forum, because I had created (and deleted/renamed) a bunch of favorite actions when KM 10 was released but then not done it for 2-3 months, which was apparently enough for me to forget the (to me) counter-intuitive fact that the keyboard shortcuts only work when the "Favorites" category is selected.

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Yes, you can only delete Favorite Actions if you are viewing them in the Favorites Folder. This might seem odd until you consider that deleting Actions is potentially quite dangerous - it would not be good to accidentally delete a built-in Action which is possibly why @peternlewis set it up this way.

Yes, it would be good to have an option to rename Favorite Actions. Then we wouldn't need to delete them so much. Hopefully that will come in a future release.

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