SOLVED → Macros have stopped syncing. Suggestions?

My macros have synced flawlessly for a year or so. But now they appear to have stopped.

Last night I created a macro on Mac 1, and this morning I expected to see it on Mac 2—but it's not here. I then manually created that same macro on Mac 2 (naming it with a suffix so I can easily identify it should it appear on Mac 1). But it hasn't synced either.

On both Macs, "Start Syncing Macros…" is grayed out, and "Stop Syncing Macros" is available—so each copy of KM believes it's syncing. I've consulted the manual but have yet to find any troubleshooting tips. Any suggestions from anyone?


UPDATE: I've compared the contents of both copies of KM, and there are other discrepancies that I hadn't noticed (because those macros were of the type that I'd typically only use on either Mac 1 or Mac 2). Anyway, this means syncing stopped at some point a while ago, and I simply didn't notice until today.

SOLVED: After noting the differences between my two copies of KM, I determined that Mac 1 had more unsynced macros than Mac 2. So, I exported the few that only existed on Mac 2, disabled sync on both machines, then just started over by creating a new sync file. While I haven't pinpointed the exact cause of this, it's apparent that syncing got interrupted at some point, then each machine continued on its divergent path.

Bottom line, syncing is working again. Thanks.

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The typical cause for this is a permission problem with the sync file. Stoping and restarting syncing will generally find (or fix) any such issue.

I have noticed that I can move the sync file out from underneath Keyboard Maestro, and while Keyboard Maestro will keep working, it does not seem to report back to the user (me) that the sync file has moved or is no longer where Keyboard Maestro expected to find it.

While I appreciate Keyboard Maestro's ability to handle the situation without immediately failing, it would be good to know "Hey, that sync file you were using is not where I expected it to be."

(FWIW -- in my case I think there might have still be a link, albeit a dead link, where the old sync file was supposed to be, which might have confused things even more.)

I had the very same thought, but forgot to return to voice it. Thanks for adding this important point.

Keyboard Maestro will just write the sync file back to that location the next time you make a change.

If the location no longer exists, that will be a problem, and Keyboard Maestro does not handle it particularly gracefully (understatement) - it will report it in the log file and beep every time it tries to write the sync file.