[SOLVED] My text macro is triggered by a typed string, how do I trigger this macro is the string is typed by keyboard maestro

I have a text macro that inserts text by pasting if I type a specific string

It works perfectly, if I type ,gb keyboard maestro pastes goodbye.

However, if the string ,gb is typed by keyboard maestro, the trigger does not pull thru.

How do I get robot-typed string to be interpreted by keyboard maestro engine the same way as if I did type it with my keyboard?

Many thanks

I actually found a solution using AppleScript to type the trigger string.
Works perfectly.

Typed characters in Keyboard Maestro deliberately disable the typed string trigger matching.

Is there a reason you don’t just use the Execute a Macro action?

I actually have a pool of typed-string-triggered macros that I want to execute in a specific order.
Right now for me it is easier to have a text file with all the string triggers and have it processed by keyboard maestro line by line, trigger by trigger.
Using the macro menus is rather tedious especially for me because I have hundreds of them, that’s why I am doing this that way.
Right now it is working fine with AppleScript, the only issue I am having is that some macros take longer to execute and my script does not have the ability to pause and wait yet, because I am not using the Execute a Macro routine.
Actually, I will try to develop a plugin to “execute a macro by string trigger”, that would be great.
Thanks for your answer!

OK, whatever works.

If you're executing AppleScript, you can also just use:

tell app "Keyboard Maestro Engine" to do script "macro name"

It's a shame you can't just drag the macros in to the action list. Yet.