[Solved] See Different Trigger

Is there a way to see a different trigger when a macro has two or more?

Why: I'd like to be able to see the trigger ',meh', which I think is more useful, as the first option.
A small thing I know I could just recreate them, but it's a chore, specially the need to remember them. And even more if I find myself using one more than the other, I'd need to recreate it again to see the one I'd like displayed.

How: Maybe by being able to drag and drop to change positions.

oh you mighty god

Hi @hello
Yes, this would be good.

But working within Keyboard Maestro as it stands, I think I have a good working method that possibly helps with your question.

I try not set two triggers for the same Macro but to make an Alias of the macro and give the Alias the second trigger. That way I see the two triggers in my macro group list and if I alter the Macro the Alias updates too. I can even rename the Alias to more closely match the mneumonic of the hotkey.

Here is an example. I have a folder called "Recipes" with recipes in it. I have a Keyboard Maestro Macro to take me to that folder when I press a hotkey. The folder "Recipes" is in a folder called "Instructions" so, sometimes I press ⌃⌥⌘R to run the macro (which gives me the Conflict Palette of all folders beginning with "R") and sometimes I find myself pressing ⌃⌥⌘I (which gives me the Conflict Palette with all folders beginning with "I"). All to get me eventually to the same Recipes folder.

So, I make a Macro called "Recipes" and give it the shortcut ⌃⌥⌘R. Then I make an Alias of this Macro in the same Macro Group (Edit/Make Alias). I give this Alias the shortcut ⌃⌥⌘I. And the nice thing is I can rename this Alias whatever I want so, I call the Alias Macro "Instructions/Recipes".

I find this is more powerful than just giving the same Macro two hotkeys - as by renaming the Alias it will list in the Conflict Palette according the name I have given it. And I can see the two hotkeys listed in the Group of Macros.

Hope that makes sense! Easier to do than to explain.


whoa! so simple
tried it and works great
huge thanks for the detailed steps

Also, if you end up making a lot of these Alias Macros (which are actually just normal Macros which include an Execute Macro Action) you can list them quickly by making a Smart Folder with a search something like this:

(In this case my Macro Group is called "Folders" so, you would change the quoted name in the Search Field to match whatever Folder you want to search.)

Or you could leave the auto-generated "alias" at the end of the name and search for that.