SOLVED - Too "meta"? Looking for an action to edit a specific action


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I'm looking for an action that will, (activate Keyboard Maestro and), select a specific macro in a specific macrogroup, such that it's highlighted, in edit mode, and ready to work on. (I remember in previous KM versions there was a difference between unlocked/edit mode and protected/non-edit mode. Not seeing this today. But the idea would be to "open it up" and display it in regular edit mode.)

More of a developer type action, it would mean being able to build palettes which would instantaneously move between core macro scripts. (eg. scavenging development on multiple source macros to build a destination macro.)

For today's need, I'm wanting to call up a macro so I can easily edit the time of day triggers for tweaking. I can't seem to use variables for the time triggers, ergo no easy user input etc interaction.

But I've realized such an immediate teleport to specific macro editing would help me in other ways. There are cases where I'll get a new show with a new number of shots which I need to change in a few places. Having a little palette of macro-teleports would aid.

This feature could be called 'Edit Macro', 'Edit Specific Macro'.

SOLVED - I did miss it. cntl-cmd-M

  1. View / Select Macro / By Name...

  2. [paste desired]

  3. triggerable as a menu item within KM

vive la recursion!


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