Solved: Try to move the mouse to an image, but it shows me just % an does not move

Try to use the "Move and Click" command.
I want to move the cursor to an image, that i have put in the image well.
I checked "Display" and wenn I run the programm, the correct image apears in green with an percentage of 1%, different other images, similar but not the same appear red with different higher percentages.
But the cursor does not move and click.
What is wrong with my command struckture?
Any help is very welcome.
Thanks, vierviervier

Hey there, please post the macro so we can see how you have it configured; otherwise, we’re just guessing.

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You are correct, but I'm going to guess that his problem is that he doesn't know that he can't use the option "Unique" and must change it to "Best." As the KM documentation says:

By default the image has to be unique (which includes not being visible in the action if the image is small enough not to be shrunk in the image well) otherwise Keyboard Maestro will not know where to click.

As he said, there was more than one possible image. That's probably why it didn't move or click.

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@cdthomer: sorry: rookie. Next time, I will post the macro.
@Airy: That was it. The only option I didn't check was this one. The percentage shown under the option "unique" just gives you a hint (the less the better) and with the option "best" the cursor moves to the green colored 1% image.
Thanks a lot, my program is not finished yet, but one big step is made.


Generally, if there is one specifically good match, then unique will find it - but you do have to ensure the fuzz level is appropriate.

It may not be possible to change this, but I think "Best" would be a better default option than "Unique." From time to time I still make the same mistake this person did.

Unique is the safe choice, that is why its the default.

You don't really want Keyboard Maestro making such choices and it should rarely be necessary. Instead, find out a good fuzz and a good image and good restricted area of the screen to search so that there is a good unique match. That will give you a more reliable macro.