[SOLVED] Variable in a Shell Script - I'm Stuck

The variable Local__CCString is set to cc 10 78 cc 11 83 cc 12 103 cc 13 108.

This shell script succeeds:

/usr/local/bin/sendmidi dev "HX Stomp" ch 15 cc 10 78 cc 11 83 cc 12 103 cc 13 108

This one fails:

/usr/local/bin/sendmidi dev "HX Stomp" ch 15 "$KMVAR_Local__CCString"

What am I missing?


Pedal Steel Midi.kmmacros (27 KB)

Macro screenshot

Try it without the quotes -- they aren't needed here and are probably confusing sendmidi.

/usr/local/bin/sendmidi dev "HX Stomp" ch 15 $KMVAR_Local__CCString

Fantastic, that works nicely. Thanks as always, Nige!

I got into the habit of always using double quotes for KMVARs, without stopping to think why I might need to.

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