[SOLVED] %Variable%Local__var% vs %Local__var%

Today I noticed somewhere someone using %Local__var% instead of %Variable%Local__var%, which is how I always use it and how I see everyone using.

I tried it with just %Local__var% (and also %Var Name% with a global variable) and it also works, so my question is:
should I always use %Variable%Local__var% no matter what, or is it ok to discard %Variable% completely?

Any scenario where that can be an issue?

Accoring to the Variables page of the Keyboard Maestro Wiki:

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I see.
As an example, I could have a global variable "SystemClipboard" and if I were to use %SystemClipboard%, it could mean my variable or the token.

I think maybe for Local variables, since they need to have Local in the beginning, it's ok to use the short version, but for global, maybe it's not good.

I'm thinking maybe the short version can be useful where the length of a condition, for example, becomes too big if we have multiple variables, so using the short version could help with this. Just for reading purposes.

Thanks for pointing that out