[SOLVED] Where Can I Find a Discussion of KM Gestures Including Which Gestures Are Possible and Which Are Not?

I have been using Better Touch Tool for years, but have come to enjoy the simplicity of KM gestures and especially avoiding the extra layer of BTT programming for each macro triggered.

My problem is that as far as I understand, there are only a few lines in the forum and wiki about gestures,.

What I am looking for are examples, to help me understand which combination of gestures are allowed and which ones are not.

In the ScreenShot below, I show 3 macro triggers using gestures (combinations).

Help would be greatly appreciated to help me remain sane. I am presently in the midst of adding gestures to many macros

My question is not limited to understanding whether the gestures below are permitted or not. I would like to understand which combinations are permitted and lean about other combinations that I may not be thinking of.

thank you very much

All the gestures you showed are possible, including the sequence of 3. But you must perform this sequence with a pause between each change of direction. Honestly, these pauses make the gestures "boring".

Still KM gestures can be used very well as a trigger, but I recommend you to use them in combination with a modifier. Then you can trigger a macro quickly and reliably at least in the four main directions (up, down, right and left). Good thing is that in combination with a modifer your movements can be very short, which is very efficient. Changing modifiers or a combination of them can help to distinguish between app specific and global macros.

Of course, this is not a "documentation", it's just my experience. I hope this helps you a little to stay sane. :smirk:


thank you very much for your most interesting reply. Brilliant idea to use different modifiers for global vs app specific.

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