SOLVED: While Keyboard Maestro Engine is Running, Bookmarks Automatically Created in LibreOffice Writer

Edit: Solved

I was able to disable clipboard history just for LibreOffice in Preferences > Excluded. This prevents the issue.


Whenever I copy text (cmd+c) in LibreOffice Writer, a new "dde" bookmark is automatically created. This only happens when Keyboard Maestro engine is running. I've just installed LibreOffice for the first time.

Steps to Recreate

  • Open a new Writer document
  • Enter text
  • Select and copy text
  • Deselect the text and paste it somewhere else
  • Either after I copy (and after a short delay), after I move to the new location to paste (hitting tab/return is enough), or after I paste, a bookmark is created, named like "__DdeLink__1171_3974737921"


  • Larger documents cause longer pauses after cmd+c before the bookmark is added
  • It doesn't matter if I use the keyboard shortcut or the menu item
  • I have not customized the LibreOffice or Writer keyboard shortcuts and don't have anything assigned to Insert Bookmark
  • There are no triggers in Keyboard Maestro that conflict with cmd+c
  • Keyboard Maestro doesn't seem to indicate anything is happening in the logs when I do this
  • When I quit Keyboard Maestro engine, the issue no longer occurs
  • I would like to be able to keep Keyboard Maestro engine running while working in LibreOffice writer in case I want to program macros in it (or run other non-LibreOffice macros while it happens to be open), so having to quit the KM engine whenever I open LibreOffice is not a solution for me.
  • I've posted this on LibreOffice's forum as well in case anyone has ideas over there.

Version Info

Version: (AARCH64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 47eb0cf7efbacdee9b19ae25d6752381ede23126
CPU threads: 24; OS: Mac OS X 13.6; UI render: default; VCL: osx
Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

Keyboard Maestro v11.0

Thanks for any suggestions.


Edit: From the LibreOffice Forum:

I guess that that “Keyboard Maestro engine” includes a clipboard manager. Because that bookmark means that something has tried to read the DDE offering in clipboard (and that required establishing a DDE infrastructure, with a bookmark in the source document) - which indicates a clipboard manager doing bad things (as is usual among that kind of software).

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That is an interesting way of saying a clipboard manager read the clipboard the app published and then the app decided to do a whole lot more work.

If they have the specific flavor they don't want read, then if they let me know I can exclude it from the clipboard saving.