Some Keys in Karabiner-Elements Could Break Keycue

Beware that some keys set up by Karabiner-Elements could break KeyCue's display of Keyboard Maestro macros.

For instance, if I remap a key in Karabiner-Elements to F20 and use +F20 or +F20 as hotkey triggers in Keyboard Maestro, it will break KeyCue

That is – KeyCue will not show any of the Keyboard Maestro Macro hotkeys (that's why I post the tips on this forum).

If we use F20 alone, however, it does not break it. A few other keys set up by Karabiner will also break KeyCue.

I have reported this issue to KeyCue (Ergonis) support and hope they can find a solution.

The good news is that the mouse keys do not break KeyCue, and there are 32 mouse keys in Karabiner-Elements.

We can use USB device key trigger for the mouse keys.

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Hi @peternlewis,

I assumed the issue is on KeyCue's side.

But in case, is there anything you can do on KM's side to fix the issue?


Keyboard Maestro’s only involvement in KeyCue displaying the keys is providing the AppleScript, so I would presume whatever is going on is an issue between KeyCue and Karabiner.