Some suggestions for the Application Switcher

I really like the KM Application Switcher. In combination with a Wacom pen, it effectively replaces the dock, launchpad and the native app switcher.

So I would love to see the KM App Switcher get some TLC. Some specific suggestions, mostly in the aesthetics department:

  1. Blurred background like the native app switcher so that it stands out from windows behind it
  2. Background tint that adjusts for light and dark mode
  3. Instead of fading the icons for inactive/minimised apps, show running apps with an indicator dot like the macOS dock
  4. Include an option to hide the application text labels so that the switcher is more compact and "grid-like"
  5. Allow for a custom sort order (other than alphabetical/most recent), and separate "always show" apps from others (like the dock separates has a section at the end for 'recent apps')
  6. If the keyboard shortcut (default cmd tab) is held down, cycle the focus through the apps, like the native dock
  7. A customisable number of icons per row

One more:

  1. When mouse rollover selection is enabled and the cursor leaves the KM App Switcher, remove the selection and don't switch. (I currently have an elaborate macro that achieves this by detecting the mouse position when the App Switcher keypress is released and forces an Escape keypress)

These are good ideas. For #6, it seems like it should be possible to create a workaround in the meantime, configuring a macro (or macros) to implement the desired behavior, but I haven't been able to come up with a solution (I tried to use repeat and then breaking the loop with if/else). Has anyone else figured out a way to get the desired cycling when cmd-tab is held down?