Sometimes Trouble With Insert Text by Typing

I have simple macro triggering the Insert text by typing action via shift-alt-cmd-V:

This works most of the time, but sometimes it deletes some characters before it starts typing away.


Is the text is typed maybe too quickly? And what can I do about this? Is there another action like "Typing text slowly"?

BTW, I did read the wiki section about password entry, but my problem appears in a Compose window of Apple Mail...

If the issue is that text is being typed too quickly, you can just add a Set Action Delay action to adjust how much time passes between each character being typed:


Thanks Gabe. Will try this.

Do others experience problems with Insert by typing?

I’ve had minor issues with Insert text by typing.

I resolve those by using Insert text by pasting. Have you tried that?

How big is the text? I use Insert Text by Typing in Mail’s compose window (in non-Rich Text mode) all the time without issues.

For large text, you are better off using Pasting - it will still remove styles unless you use Insert Styled Text by Pasting (or in this case, you can just use Filter Text: Remove Styles, Command-V.

Why are you wanting to type the clipboard into the Compose window?

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Hey @halloleo,

Rule-of-the-thumb — never use Insert Text by Typing when Insert Text by Pasting will do.

It’s faster, and more immune to problems.

The problem you describe is peculiar. Can you post your macro with example text for the clipboard that fails on your system?

It’s very unlikely that Keyboard Maestro would delete characters when typing them, unless you’ve set it up this way in your macro.

Try testing with a basic keyboard shortcut with no modifiers like F1.

Make sure you’re not interacting with another utility on your system.

Make sure your typing macro isn’t activating another Keyboard Maestro macro by accident.


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Yes, Insert Text by Pasting works. Thanks for all the comments!