I have an extra Mac (M1 MacBook Pro) so I put the developer version of Sonoma on it. And I got a warning that KM uses APIs that are going to be deprecated and to contact the developer.

Is this something to worry about? Is Apple pushing KM, Applescript, etc. out in the long term?

"I have no reason to believe there are any issues with Keyboard Maestro on Sonoma in general" wrote @peternlewis just a week ago.

Remember that Sonoma is brand new. API deprecation warnings are Apple's way of keeping the pressure up to move to new APIs so that applications continue to work with the latest version of the OS, and not a cause for alarm.

Apple is continuously deprecating APIs, and then eventually removes them, though that process tends to take many many years.

You can report them to me.

Where are they being reported? In the Console or somewhere else?