Sound While Working in Keyboard Maestro

Hello Everyone,

I've had an issue for a while where a sound appears every time I do something in Keyboard Maestro.

Its a "dut" sound like when you press a key while your not in a typing field. It happens when adding Actions or making changes. Every time when Keyboard Maestro saves the current stage.

Does anyone know what this is? Its really annoying :confused:


Check the Editor.log file.

Is it successfully saving changes? Make a change, quit and relaunch and verify if the change is sticking.

Check your Preferences folder (Help ➀ Open Preferences Folder) and verify the ownership and permissions of the folder and its contents.


That helped me! Apparently my syncing didn't work:

2017-07-15 13:41:38 ERROR: Preference shared sync write failed

This probably happened due to my reinstallation/downgrading. Thank you very much!
I didn't know about the Editor log file :slight_smile:

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Hey all. So I believe I have the same error as @FroZen_X.

I have tried restarting KM engine and KM itself but that did not help. I don’t know where Editor.log file is located and I checked permissions of KM folder and they seem valid.

You can open the log files folder from KM Editor's Help menu:

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Thank you. Resetting syncing seems to have fixed it. :confetti_ball:

This saved my bacon - thank you!

For me, permissions were good but the Editor.log file showed hundreds of "Preference shared sync write failed" (one for every annoying beep)... :slight_smile:
I didn't find how to reset syncing but I transferred the com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.editor.plist to a temp folder, restarted my MBP and the problem was solved.
Thanks for the help!

Seems like I am not alone to have struggled to find the cause of these sounds... so if @peternlewis could do something to make this error simpler to understand it would be great.
Display a "Could not write sync file error" ?